Low Pressure Tubeaxial Fan Bulletin Available From Industrial Air, Inc.

A new bulletin, "Low Pressure Tubeaxial Fans," is now available f r om Industrial Air, Inc., Amelia, Ohio. Four fan models are illustrated and described. These include direct-drive or belt-driven fans with cast aluminum or steel fixed-pitch propellers. Adjustablepitch cast aluminum propellers are available as an option.

The fans are specifically designed to move large volumes of air at static pressures of 1 inch or less, and are particularly efficient in this range. Economical in first cost, they are also economical to operate.

As is typical of other Industrial Air fans, the bulletin reports, these low-pressure tubeaxial models have unusually h e a v y - d u ty shafts and bearings f o r long and trouble-free life. All have solidwelded construction. In belt-driven models, bearings, belts, and motors are out of the airstream.

The fans range in size f r om 15 inches to 96 inches, with capacities f r om 1,000 to 100,000 cfm.

C o p i e s of the new bulletin, "Low Pressure Tubeaxial Fans," are available on request from Tom Kanis, Industrial Air, Inc., P.O. Box 215, Amelia, Ohio 45102.

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