W.A.I.T.! Alloy Identification Kits Introduced By Fenner

—Literature Available "W.A.I.T.!" (What Alloy Is That!) is the title of a new four-page color brochure on alloy identification kits for non-destructive testing from Fenner & Associates, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

The publication explains that the W.A.I.T.! series of non-destructive portable alloy identification spot test kits are based upon the electrographic extraction of metal atoms from a surface and subsequent chemical reaction that develop specific color checks.

A few drops of an acidic electrolyte are placed upon the surface of the suspect test sample serving as the anode, and covered with a piece of filter paper. The wet spot on the filter is covered by an aluminum block that acts as the cathode. Current is allowed to flow through the system for a brief period of 30-60 seconds, anodically dissolving a small amount of the test metal for identification and depositing it upon the filter paper. The filter paper is then treated to determine the presence of metallic ions by reactions with chemical reagents. These chemical reactions produce definite color spot tests that are characteristic for each specific metal ion.

Five different kits for different needs are described, and the brochure says the Research and Development laboratory will soon be introducing new alloy identification systems.

Advantages listed for W.A.I.T.! kits are: no delay—know in minutes; low cost—accurate results; portable— safe; simple—no chemical training needed; complete instruction book; non-destructive—less than 0.05 mil consumption of metal alloy; and solution refills—replacement parts available.

The contents of each specific portable test kit are listed, and the entire assemblage is featured in a color photograph on the cover. For a free copy of the W.A.I.T.! brochure from Fenner & Associates,

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